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KPH, KFS and K6KPH Return To The Air

KPH, KFS and K6KPH Return To The Air on Saturday 17 March (MRHS) - The crack MRHS Transmitter Department announced today that after a long absence from the air stations KPH, KFS and K6KPH will return, at least partially, on Saturday 17 March. On-air operations were suspended some months ago due to antenna maintenance issues. Some of those issues have now been resolved with the result that a partial return to operation is now possible. Listen for KPH, KFS and K6KPH on these Morse frequencies:

KPH 8642.0
KPH 12808.5
KPH 17016.8

KFS 12695.5

K6KPH 14050

We expect continued operation on these frequencies each Saturday with more to be added as additional antenna problems are resolved.


KPH/KFS Information

The MRHS has returned the iconic KPH call sign to the air from its ancestral home at Bolinas/Point Reyes.  KPH is on the air every Saturday from 1000 to 1600 Pacific time (Zulu times changes with daylight/standard time).

CW Transmit Frequencies:


NBDP (RTTY) Frequencies:



KFS is also on the air 1000 to 1600 Pacific time.  We are using only one KFS frequency at the moment but hope to add another soon.  Until then listen on:



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MRHS Offers Radiotelegraph Exams!

The Maritime Radio Historical Society is now authorized to administer the examination for the commercial radiotelegraph license.  Yes, the FCC still issues this ticket! Visit the MRHS Events page for more information.

Visit Us

The KPH receive site is open for visitors every Saturday 1200 to 1700 local time.  Visitors are welcome!  The receive site is located at 17400 Sir Francis Drake Blvd in the Point Reyes National Seashore, just past G Ranch on the way to the lighthouse.  Whisper "True Believer" when you visit for access to our Treasure Room!

Who We Are

Let's be honest... We're a bunch of radio squirrels.  And very lucky radio squirrels at that.  We inhereted the last remaining Morse code coast station in North America.  It was off the air but it was an intact time capsule.

We made the restoration of KPH to operational status our life's work.  That was back in 1999 - the year the last commercial Morse code message in the U.S. was supposedly sent.

Through the trust and vision of the Point Reyes National Seashore we were given permission to begin our project of restoration, documentation and operation.  And we've never looked back.

As True Believers in the importance of our maritime radio heritage we have tried to research and document every aspect of the field.  Our area of specialization is the coast stations, ships and companies of the west coast of the United States. But anything to do with maritime radio anywhere in the world is of interest to us.

Dedicated MRHS volunteers are busy with the preservation, restoration and repair of the historic artifacts with which we have been entrusted.  That work is the foundation on which the real goal of our project rests.  That goal is to assure that the culture, techniques and traditions of the men and women who came before us are not forgotten.  We feel that the best way to achieve that goal is through actual on the air operations.

We look forward to visits by fellow True Believers in the importance of the preservation of our radio heritage.  Please see the Contact Us section for full detail about visiting us.  Or subscribe to our Newsletter using the form above for up to date information.

We invite you to peruse these pages for details of our work and of radio history.  And we wish you fair winds and following seas.

VY 73,


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